Base Week 4: Triathlon Training

I am completing the final weeks of base training for my next Olympic distance triathlon and feeling pretty good. I am now starting a 12-week build phase with an average of 7-10 hours per week of training. Each week will include, on average, 2-3 swim workouts, 3 bike workouts, 3 run (1 being a brick) workouts, and 1 flex workout (optional swim, bike or run for targeted area of improvement). There will be a scheduled day of rest/recovery each week. I have been strength training for 4 days but will likely pull it back to 3.

Swimming has been challenging given I am still recovering from my shoulder injury. What I have found really helpful for correcting strokes is video.  I am using a camera to record my technique. The visual feedback is immediate and I often hear myself sigh, I had no idea I was doing that. I use a GoPro HERO5 Black to take above-surface and below-surface shots and replay them while in water.

Some shots are in my newest vlog here:

I also record myself during lifting sessions to review my form and ultimately avoid possible injury. I like to record bench presses, squats and dead lifts, which are the compound moves that I love for building power and strength but am more likely to hurt myself. As a result of recording myself, I have at times dropped weight, taken a slower approach, in order to focus on form.

I’ve been able to find time to train while working and being a Mom of two. Swim sessions are in the evening after I’ve put the youngest in bed. Long bike rides are in the early morning on the weekend, and my runs and lift sessions are typically during my lunch hour or while my oldest is at swim practice. I anticipate this month’s plan to be harder to manage so have been using Google calendar to schedule my workout plan and Sundays to review my weekly plan against my family and work schedules. The Hubby and I use Google calendar to share doctor appointments, work travel days, school closings, and just about anything we can think of. So, needless to say, we LOVE Google calendar.

So here’s to the next 12 weeks and to staying on track!



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