F*ck Mom Guilt

This summer proved to be one of the most busiest months at work. Busy translated to long work hours, lots of travel, tons of stressful moments, and little vacation breaks.

And here I am, on the last day in August, wondering where did the summer go?

I felt guilty. About working and being away from my family. About being slightly stressed when I was with them. About not taking them to the pool often. About checking e-mails and taking calls when I was with them.

This week, we are at the beach and I am doing my very best “turning off”  work and other distractions. And it’s fantastic. Along with spending needed time with the kids, I am finally getting what feels like a good night’s rest, and surprisingly the writer’s bug again.

As I look through old photos and videos over the summer, I am reexamining this guilt I feel. It’s certainly been a busy summer, but maybe I just haven’t had the time yet to reflect. Maybe it’s time to cut Mom a break.

I was able to make the most of my recent work trip to a Boulder, CO. I used downtime to capitalize on a scenic drive through the Rocky Mountains with my Hubby, explore Boulder’s food landscape by foot, and catch a play at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival.

While I worked, spent much-needed alone time with the Hubby, the kids enjoyed a fun week with the grandparents. I enjoy being involved in their activities and in their lives. But, as a result of these little vacations, I also know that they don’t need me there at every moment of the day in order to feel loved and to grow into secure and well-rounded adults. And vice-versa: they don’t need to be at my side at every moment of the day in order for me to feel loved and guilt-free.

When I’m working, I’m working for me, for my daughter and son, wanting them to benefit from my success however they can.

I’m not sure if there is a cure to swift summers or for mommy guilt. But, worrying less  and capitalizing on moments you do have sounds about right.

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