Summer with the Grandparents

Every summer, we pack up the kiddos and send them to the grandparent’s house for days and sometimes weeks. It is a part tradition, part childcare solution, part time for the Hubby and I to get coveted alone time.

That week at my in-law’s has begun!

Every night, we get the daily call from our oldest, which starts off with us asking, What did you Mom-Mom/Pop-Pop’s house? Anything fun? And ends with Have fun, we love you!

We are extremely grateful to have family nearby. The Hubby and I do love the alone time we have without the kids, but ultimately we love knowing that the kids are building deeper bonds with family, as well as gaining confidence and independence during their time away from us parents.

Summer with the Grandparents is something I never had. My grandparents lived in Peru. We hardly stayed in touch over the phone.  When we did visit them in Peru, it was always cordial and never close. I loved my grandparents but I did not have a close one-on-one relationship with them. After I became a mother, I wanted that so much for my kids.

I always had a natural curiosity about my parents, where and how they grew up. The kids have learned a lot about our families during time with the grandparents. The grandparents have a lot of experience and knowledge to dispense. A more importantly, LOTS of stories, about their kids, their own parents, their siblings. When I was younger, I didn’t realize just how important the distant family was in understanding how my family came about. They talk about where we came from — the struggles and successes in our family’s unique history. They pass down old family heirlooms, treasured traditions, and my favorite, secret family recipes.

Grandparents also offer funny anecdotes that we parents may not even recall about our upbringing. I am very grateful that my kids have fond memories of my Mom before she passed. She loved to share stories about me — the good and unfortunately bad too 🙂 And always had this magical ability to make the kids smile instantly. They will always have previous memories of their Nanny.

My oldest is fast approaching an age where she will be too cool to hang with adults. So, in the meantime, it feels so right and natural to allow this special bond to continue to grow.

Because their grandparents are truly generous, with their love and time, that by the time the kids come home, they are always feeling a bit more warm and fuzzy.

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