She Pushed Me

My Mother’s love was in Pushing Me. There were many times I wanted a kiss, hug, warm words of encouragement. But, my Mom loved to Push Me to be stronger, work harder, and to try to excel at everything I did.

“The world is a very tough place Gladysita,” she would say, “You have to be…Tough.”

And like any immigrant mom, she had ideas—her ideas—of what success meant, which was for me to be a doctor or lawyer.

She always believed in me, though, and never stopped even when I felt broken and, for many years, a disappointment.

Though I didn’t live up to her occupational aspirations, I Pushed Through. Whenever I fell, I got back up. Whenever I wanted to quit, I kept going. And I slowly began mending the broken pieces and began chasing my own dreams. And when I became a Mother myself, I soon understood that her list was simply a list of a Mother’s worry, wanting no harm and wanting her children to thrive.

Later in my life, she would routinely tell me that she was proud of me, and I would reply, “I am my Mother’s Daughter.” Which is to say, your legacy, Mom, lives with me, and now with my daughter. Rest In Peace, Mom. You live with us in our dreams.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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