A Mother’s Hope

A year ago, I attended the Women’s March in Washington, DC with my sisters and daughter. I’ve participated in demonstrations in my younger years, but this one felt drastically different. Apart from being in complete awe at the sheer mass of people participating, there was a moment that stuck in my mind.  We were crossing… Read More A Mother’s Hope

Finish Strong

I have not been able to dedicate myself entirely to triathlon training this season. So consequently I have had to downgrade or drop my time goals entirely. My sole goal now is to finish. After mom’s passing, I spent much of August with my family and much of it avoiding friends and colleagues. Avoiding the… Read More Finish Strong

Why Was the Second Baby Easier and Happier?

During my second pregnancy, I heard from many moms about the ease of having a second child. The baby stuff is sooo much easier with your second. You’re a pro now, you got this! And in some ways, that was true. By the time we had our second, we were still preoccupied with safety and development, but are more patient, flexible and resilient. We don’t sweat the small stuff nearly as much, are smarter in choosing our battles, and tend to look at the bigger picture. But I’m not referring to parenting. … Read More Why Was the Second Baby Easier and Happier?