Welcoming My Nephew and Contemplating a Second Baby

I’m absolutely in love with Jelly Bean, the newest member of the Sueño clan. Can you tell?

Tia Gladys

My nephew is as cute as his nickname. He reminds me so much of my own daughter–minus the drama–and my sister too (minus the drama too).

This week, sis parted from her beloved baby so that she and her husband could embark on their first post-baby date–that rare and prized opportunity to sit back, enjoy a glass of wine and relax.

And who better to babysit than his loving Tia (aunt) and primita (little cousin)?

My babysitting duties included rushing the parents out the door so they wouldn’t miss their dinner and movie plans; giving the kiddies a bath;  bottle-feeding him and offering her a Disney movie; and finally putting the kiddos to bed.

My babysitting experience, apart from giving me precious time with my nephew, also gave me taste of how it would be to care for two.

When asking my mommy friends how having a second one has affected their lives, they say handling two kids can be very overwhelming and that they are more busier/tired than ever. I’ll likely share those same feelings, but I won’t know what else is in store for me until I reach that chapter of my story.

But, in the meantime, I going to enjoy the heck of that little bundle of joy. Cuz it’s Jelly Bean time!

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