Planning our “Second” Wedding: Why Validate Our Marriage in the Church?

The Hubby and I decided recently to have our marriage blessed by the Catholic Church.

Dating since college, we had planned  on getting married eventually but certain factors complicated the matter….like Mother Nature. A surprise pregnancy, more exactly. Given our time limitations, we decided to get married in city hall, surrounded by our closest friends and family, and six-month pregnant.

Some five years later, we started attending Mass and prayer regularly. But it felt strange not to accept Communion, given our marriage wasn’t recognized by the Catholic Church. So we looked to remedying the situation.

Having our marriage validated has been a relatively simple process so far. We spoke to our parish priest, attended confession, obtained our baptismal records, and completed a marriage-investigation prenuptial form.

We plan to exchange vows in a small religious ceremony next week with immediate family members.

But one question still lingers: why have a second ceremony? Why invite family?

The cat’s out of the bag–we’re already married!

Both Hubby and I feel that having a religious ceremony is important. We both want to renew our vows at the start of our fifth year as husband of wife, in the presence of God and family.

Marriage is more than a physical union, wedding or civil contract. Five years into our union, we realize how much hard work, dedication, faith and love it takes to keep a marriage strong. Marriage is a sacred convenant with another person.

God is Life, Truth, Light. He is love. -Mahatma Gandhi

By Mike Leakey using the Creative Commons license

Personally, I believe God to be Truth and Love, the source of Life and Light, ethics and morality. God transcends words and reasons. God is ever-forgiving and ever-welcoming. Therefore, I want God present in our marriage–during the good and tough times. When we celebrate moments of depth, warmth and excitement. As we learn to overcome feelings of anger, frustration and rage.

I realize that our beliefs are intimiate; our reasons for having a religious ceremony, personal. We simply hope to share our happiness with family.

2 thoughts on “Planning our “Second” Wedding: Why Validate Our Marriage in the Church?

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