Loving Life and Not the Game

Our toddler recently complained about a bully—a child that has been consistently teasing and hitting her.

Concerned parents, our initial responses were:

-Why? Were you doing something to provoke the child?
-Just ignore him and he’ll leave you alone.
(and the Hubby’s personal favorite)
-Hit’em back, that’ll teach him to mess with you!

Thoughtful advice to stop a child from hurting. In the short-term, that is.

The truth is, bullies are everywhere—in schools, in the workplace, in your relationships.

We know who they are. They pick on the new kid…complain incessantly…point the finger at everyone else but themselves…take delight in demeaning others. They may even physically hurt you.

And you’ve probably tried your hardest to stop their bullying by appeasing them, ignoring them, fighting back.
And have failed.

My best advice? Don’t play their game.

So the next time he bullied her, she said:
I won’t play with you if you can’t place nice. Then got up and left.

Walk. Discover real friends and true love. Appreciate them for giving you genuine advice, for respecting your ideas, for making you happy. Because playing games will only make you miserable. And you deserve better.

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