My Mania, My Sleep, My Best Self

For many moms, constant sleep deprivation is a standard feature of motherhood. Now in my late 30’s, I’ve finally come to terms that I am not myself when I don’t get enough sleep. That’s because sleep deprivation increases the likelihood of manic episodes for me.… Read More My Mania, My Sleep, My Best Self

Finish Strong

I have not been able to dedicate myself entirely to triathlon training this season. So consequently I have had to downgrade or drop my time goals entirely. My sole goal now is to finish. After mom’s passing, I spent much of August with my family and much of it avoiding friends and colleagues. Avoiding the… Read More Finish Strong


All you wanted for your family was for us to be happy. And to stick together. As a little girl, after a fight with one of my siblings over who had the tv remote, who cut the Barbie’s hair, who stole the toy in the cereal box , you would remind me that family comes first.… Read More Mamá