Feeling Guilt-Free in a Work-Life Balance

I’ve spent the last month submerging myself in work and several side projects. Though I have felt an immense sense of satisfaction investing time and energy on matters that personally matter to me, I’m also ashamed to admit I have grown increasingly fearful–not of personal successes or failures–but scared that all this work takes me away from my family.

The Hubby is supportive and continually encourages me to pursue my interests. His main concern, like mine, is deciphering the source of this sudden anxiety.

Finding a work-life balance has been a continual struggle for me. I love work for the opportunities to problem-solve, interact with others. Meanwhile, I deeply cherish my family, being a mother and a wife.

The Hubby and I divide housework and child care responsibilities fairly. We both have jobs we like. Yet, he seems to be a doing a better job at being in the moment, at home, at work.

I came across this infographic from the Captivate Network that demonstrates how men are happier at work-life balance than women. How come?

Another study from researchers from the University of Toronto in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior suggests that it could be because “women are able to juggle their work and family lives just as well as men, but they feel more guilty…This guilt seems to be at the heart of their distress.”

Admittedly, I am guilty of feeling guilty. I realize that I can choose not to expend so much energy towards pleasing the Hubby or meeting others’ expectation–real or self-imposed. Rather, why not take pride in myself, my accomplishments, my role in caring for my family? Of finding peace, separate from others, from within.

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