Tips for the Staying Fit, Fab while with Fetus

I was a hungry pregnant lady. I ate everything, every second of the day. Burger joints and ice cream shops were my favorite stops. Though I secretly wished our baby was born 40, 50, 60 pounds, I took full responsibility for my poor eating and fitness habits. That over nine months, I packed exponentially more than the recommended 25-30 pounds, by eating everything fried and nothing nutritious.

It took considerably more time—about four years—and a whole lotta sweat to finally shed those excessive baby pounds.

So I wonder, given the hunger pangs and the baby bump, Is it possible to stay fit and fabulous during pregnancy? Excluding the irritating-fabulous-celebrity-moms, of course. (I’m talking to you, Heidi Klum).

Answer: Yes.

Watching my sister maneuver through her first pregnancy suggests that it is indeed possible. Entering her third trimester, she looks amazing. She regularly hits the gym, eats the recommended daily calories and gains the required weight.

After getting the green light from her doctor, sis is determined to continue her exercise regimen which includes strength training and her personal favorite cardio—swimming. She obviously has made some necessary adjustments.

Here , I present her…

Tips when exercising while pregnant.

Pack a healthy snack in your gym bag Don’t end your workout on a low note because you experience a hunger attack. Being pregnant = getting hungry + getting hungry fast. So be sure to pack a banana, granola bar, or something with a bit of carbs and sugar to satiate your sudden cravings.

Wear the right clothes Wear comfortable clothes with enough room for your growing baby bump. You don’t necessarily have to say goodbye to your cute shorts and tops – just make some slight modifications. There are obviously certain parts of the body that need to be accommodated, like the tummy area, which can be particularly sensitive to some women. Sis prefers wearing spandex shorts versus baggy shorts—to give the tummy some extra breathing room—matched with maternity tanks. I encourage a good sports bra too—for the developing tatas.

Drink plenty of water Pregnant women are advised to drink up to 64 fluid oz per day (6-8 glasses). When exercising, it’s recommended to drink an extra 8 fluid oz per every half hour. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, simply add a little lemon juice for added flavor.

Monitor your heart rate One question she’s regularly asked at the gym is whether her exercise regimen hurts the baby. Reasonably performed exercise doesn’t appear to cause harm. The key is finding a reasonable level, and that depends largely your pre-pregnancy fitness level and current health. So monitor your exertion by monitoring your heart rate. Make sure it doesn’t exceed 140 bpm by checking it manually or using a heart rate monitor.

Swim Healthcare providers and fitness experts hail swimming as the best and safest exercise for pregnant women. Ideal because it’s a good workout as well makes you feel weightless despite the extra pregnancy pounds.

Do you have any tips to keep fit, fab while with fetus? I will continually pester my sis to share her secrets. But till then, Happy Pregnancy!

Sis is the founder of De*Nada Design , an emerging accessories line specializing in handmade knits for women and men. You can follow her on twitter at @denadadesign.

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