A Butt Smacking Good Time

Making my way to the kitchen, I walk past the Hubby sitting on the couch reading the paper. I move in slowly, ease my pace slightly, and subtly place the butt into eye view. Three-quarters into my turn, I feel a swift smack. We have contact and all is good.

Equivalent to a hug, smooch or holding hands, nothing says I love you like having my bottom slapped. In the kitchen, running upstairs, getting in the car—all fine opportunities for a good smack.
Photo by ilmungo using Creative Common License.

Why the behind? Like most Latinas, I have been bestowed with a rather round rump. The object of shame for many years, it has been ridiculed, hidden behind baggy t-shirts and sweaters, and treated with fad diets that failed to diminish the derrière.  And like the ugly duckling that transformed to a beautiful swan, Cinderella’s rags to a ball gown, my badonkadonk has too changed from a thing that taunts to one I flaunt.

And though I enjoy receiving the Hubby’s other conventional means of affection, the booty slap is surprisingly the most loving. And before anyone suggest that it’s degrading, I’d like to enforce that the act is 100% consensual, done privately, and one I completely encourage.
So rather than condemn, I’m going to lose the baggy sweats and low(er)-body confidence for my sexiest accessory—confidence—and praise all my God-given assets.

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